Piled foundation testing

We have years of experience in pile testing and propose the following tests:

Pile load tests

A pile load test verifies the getechnical performance of a pile in terms of load-settlement. We are specialised in dynamic load testing, which is the only load test we propose at this time:

Dynamic load test

A high strain load test which uses a drop weight and wave mechanics theory. The result is a load-settlement curve per tested pile.
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Pile integrity tests

The aim of a pile integrity test aim is to verify the structural integrity of a concrete pile. We propose three kinds of integrity tests:

Sonic-echo test

The test operator hits the pile top with a hand-held hammer while the pile top velocity is measured. The test aim is to detect potential anomalies along the pile.
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Impulse response test

An advanced version of the sonic echo test, where the hand-held hammer is instrumented, which allows to assess the pile response in the frequency domain.
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Cross-hole sonic logging

A receiver probe and a transmitter probe are lowered in reservation tubes prepared in the deep foundation in order to measure the concrete quality between the tubes.
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