Pile dynamic load testing

High strain dynamic load testing is a cutting-edge pile testing technique which offers the same result as a static load test for a fraction of the time and cost.

The test result, a load-bearing curve per tested pile, allows the contractor to assess the performance of the pile.

Thanks to our team's experience, Fondytest offers efficient, reliable, and cost-effective dynamic load tests.

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Our expertise

Using our state-of-the art loading device and our in-house expertise, we can guide you towards a successful pile testing campaign. Our technology is the result of a 20-year research program combined with our team's 30 years of experience.

The test not only produces a load-bearing graph but also gives the base resistance vs shaft friction distribution and a clear picture of the pile integrity.

Fondytest's dynamic load testing service is


Depending on the site conditions, our team can perform up to 8 dynamic load tests per day. Compare that to the 3 days it takes to perform only 1 static load test.


Fondytest is a spin-off company of the Université catholique de Louvain and its founders have years of experience in dynamic load testing.


You get more results than a static load test for a fraction of the cost.

Dynamic load testing is the core business of Fondytest. Over the years, we have successfully tested




of various type

  • Bored,
  • Screw,
  • Precast driven,
  • Driven cast-in-place,
  • CFA...

with diameters ranging from

0.4 to 1.3 m

lengths varying from

9 to 35 m

and reaching equivalent static loads of

0.4 to 36 MN

The test is standardised by the XP P 94-152, ISO 22477-4, and ASTM D4945 standards. A dynamic load test is also called a PDA test or a DLT.


Furthermore, our operators have at least passed the Advanced level of the Pile Driving Contractors Association's PDA Proficiency test.

PDA Proficiency test

We are based in Belgium and also available in the neighbouring countries: the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. Moreover, we regularly perform dynamic load tests in Eastern and Southern Africa.