We have years of experience foundations engineering and propose the following services:

Pile testing and monitoring

We offer several test methods to assess the geotechnical bearing or structural integrity of piles and walls, during or after installation.

Low strain integrity testing

The test operator hits the pile top with a hand-held hammer while the pile top velocity is measured. The test aim is to detect potential anomalies along the pile.
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Cross-hole sonic logging

A receiver probe and a transmitter probe are lowered in reservation tubes prepared in the deep foundation in order to measure the concrete quality between the tubes.
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Pile dynamic load testing

A high strain load test which uses a drop weight and wave mechanics theory. The result is a load-settlement curve per tested pile.
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Pile driving monitoring

By mounting sensors on the pile during impact driving, we can assess the stresses and the geotechnical capacity of the pile during driving.
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We can tackle a wide range of geotechnical problems, at any stage of your project.

Geotechnical advice

We have the ability, experience and resources to tackle a range of geotechnical problems, including slope stability analysis, foundation design, or soil dynamics related problems.
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Driveability study

A driveability study assesses the hammer energy required to install the pile to depth and provides an indication of whether premature refusal or overstress may occur.