About us

Fondytest was created as an university project in 2001 at the Université catholique de Louvain by Professor Alain Holeyman. The aim of the project was to study and perfect the pile dynamic load test.

One big part of the project was the development of a testing prototype, a free-fall hammer which was precise enough to control not only the drop height to the centimeter but also the eccentricity of the drop.

Another side of the project was the improvement of the inverse analysis procedure used to process the test results.

The outcome was a sound and precise understanding of the advantages and limitations of dynamic load testing.

In 2018, the project matured into a spin-off company, thanks to an Innoviris grant.

Since then, Fondytest is composed of a small team of dedicated and enthusiast engineers, who strive to offer the best service, both in pile testing and geotechnical advice.

The Fondytest project is supported by many talented individuals and by the following outstanding organisations


The study also lead to two PhD theses and various papers, amongst which:

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